Guildford Dental Centre - Dental Care Plan Option 2

Please contact us for further details, if required.

Guildford Dental Centre offers a dental care plan which is designed to spread the cost of your dental treatment over the year. Membership of the scheme offers many benefits, including reduced costs for treatment, regular check-ups and preferential emergency treatment. Information is available, on request.

Option 2 £17.75 per month

This includes the following:

Regular dental visits (2 per year) to provide:
clinical examination
any necessary x-rays
scale and polish
preventative advice
two hygienist visits (2 per year) between check-ups

Emergency treatment during normal surgery hours to include pain relief and appropriate temporary treatment.

All treatment planning and estimates.

Substantial reduction in fees for further treatment including fillings, extractions, crowns etc.


To join the Dental Care Plan, please complete the necessary form (available in reception). Payments are to be paid monthly on the eigth day of the month. If you prefer, you can pay a single, annual, subscription.

New patients will need to be examined and undergo any necessary treatment on a fee-per-item basis before they can be accepted in the Plan.

Direct Debit Mandate

Please click on the button to submit your bank details for direct debit.

Signing Off

You may terminate your agreement in writing at any time.

Keep Us Informed

You may be asked about your medical history and whether you receive any medication for any reason. Please make a note of the names of any drugs you take regularly and tell us about them when you attend the surgery.

If you change your address, email address, bank details or telephone number, don't forget to let us know about it - this is very important as our appointments and recall systems rely on communication with you!

Fee per item

For those who prefer to pay for treatment as and when the need arises, please click on the image to see the current fee schedule.

GDC Fees.